Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Christmas Card CrimeAnd Other Stories Edited by Martin Edwards

The Christmas Card Crime is a British Library Crime Classic loaded with short stories from some of the best Authors of the Golden Age of Writing. Each story is a gem of a mystery written by such famous names as Carter Dickson, better known as John Dickson Carr, Cyril Hare, John Bingham and many others. Bingham, 7th Baron of Clanmorris was recruited into MI5 and was the inspiration for John LeCarre's famous Spy Smiley. Each of these stories introduce you to an Author, which may be unfamiliar in this day and age, but are fascinating for further reading. 

The stories are a mix of everything. They include past murders- unsolved, puzzling, not quite locked- door mysteries and even a Gothic tone tucked into one. I found the Christmas theme so cozy, with snow and little tucked- away English Homes or Hotels- a treat to sit and read. It is hard to talk about a particular style when you have such a variety of Authors but this was the heyday of English Mysteries and each one is a work of Art.

I happen to love this Era of writing, particularly in mysteries, and I found several new Authors that I will further pursue and read full-length novels- after enjoying their short story. I hope you will do the same. Get your cup of hot tea and prepare to enjoy. Five Stars and I am highly recommending.


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